I’m sure this has been bleedingly evident for a while now, but I promised myself I’d make an official post about if it came to be April and I hadn’t got Nekomonogatari out.

Long story short, I don’t have enough time any more. Back when this whole thing started out, I had a minor workload from school, and that was it. Nowadays, I’ve got plenty of assignments from university to keep me busy, and what little time left is taken up buy a job.

By no means am I dropping off completely – I enjoy doing this, and I think (probably foolishly) that it provides a useful service. But for now, it’s safe to say that there won’t be any releases for a while.

I have a mid-semester break coming up. Not going to say if anything will happen, but it’s plausible I will have time then to work on Nekomono and various other projects.



Another, and an update

For starters, I believe I mentioned quite some time ago that I would be working on the Another books if ever they got translated, followed by me retracting this intention as Yen Press had picked them up.

Well, I have both good news and bad. Yen Press has recently announced the approximate release dates for it, however they are releasing it as a digital download. I cannot confirm or deny any of it (may send an email to them later), but I have heard rumors running around that they will commit to a printrun if sufficient people buy the digital download. So, although it is somewhat against the entire point of this project, I do urge you consider the digital copies in the hope they will produce a printrun. If/when they get back to me, i’ll be updating with any info I get.

In other news, again, I must apologise, I’ve been busy procrastinating, working, and various other things, and am yet to get stuck into Nekomonogatari. That said, it’s made it’s way to the top of my lengthy to-do list, So i’m hoping I can get as much possible done this weekend. May take a bit longer, as as previously mentioned, I’ll likely end up redoing all the templates (old ones make me want to cry).

Thanks for your patience everyone!

Sword Art Online Volume 1: Aincrad

This post brought to you by atrocious ISP upload speed caps. Don’t get me started.


Everyone step back, I used colour. This shit is dangerous yo.

With that, SAOv1 is complete, and up on blurb (about time, too). As per the norm, all the links for blurb and the PDFs are available on the projects page (which you can actually find now, renamed the menu slightly). Also, if anyone is interested to have a go at the InDesign source files, etc, do say so. They are messy as fuck, but somebody may find them of use. Possibly.

Moving on from here: I’ve received transmission from CanonRap that the edit of Nekomonogatari is at the halfway point. From what i’ve seen, it looks like it’s a relatively large book, so I’ll be setting out what’s done so far (which means digging out the old *monogatari templates, which are a pain at the best of times.. should probably redo them…) over the next few days (hopefully). If it looks like it’ll be too long to fit into a single blurb book, i’ll get to making covers, etc. If it would seem I’ll be able to squeeze it all in to a single book (which i would kinda prefer, but see how it goes), i’ll shelve the project up for when the book is finished, and get started on something else. I do have what i’ll be working on next written down around here somewhere, but I’ve totally forgotten what it was.

Oh yeah, happy delayed generic festive season everyone!

SAOv1 Content Complete!

This post brought to you by intruding friends, Aion Online, and a hoard of other things I won’t delve into…

That said, Having been badgered into playing Aion by aforementioned friends, it did provide some insight into the systems, etc, mentioned in SAO. So I guess it wasn’t a total waste of time…

Right, back on topic. Content PDF for SAOv1 is complete! Translation was a lot better than I had heard, only needed to tweak a few tiny grammatical lumps I noticed. And I must add, it was a very entertaining read. Edit: On re-reading parts, I picked up a few more errors, though most of them were the things people (for whatever stupid reason) got angry at me for correcting in Index. So i’ll just leave them.

With the content done, all that’s left is the usual courtesies with the translator (Which i must confess I forgot to do before getting started), and a cover design. I’ve got my fingers crossed for release this side of new year’s, but I’ll have to see how it goes.

As usual, PDFs etc can be found on the project page. If you see an error/mistake, let me know, it’s far easier to fix before I upload to Blurb. And if you’ve got an idea for a cover, or even better, a design itself, let me know! Contact information is on the about page as ever.

EDIT: Oh, yeah, as some may notice, i have not included chapter 16.5 in this release – it has come to my attention that it is non-canon material, and it doesn’t really fit with the rest of the book. Not to mention that having a chapter title ‘Sixteen-Point-Five’ would totally look shit. If there’s a sufficient number of people who want it anyway, i’ll think about including it in the side story book – but that’s all off in the future.

EDIT 2: So yeah, finished the cover design. Hope you like it and stuff. Figures might as well keep some sort of continuity going with the covers for these things. Also figures a bit of colour never goes astray… right? I’ll get this onto blurb, make the posts, etc, etc, etc tomorrow – I’m way too buggered to do it right now.


Yet another edit: Yeah, didn’t plan on it taking this long, but blurb’s uploader is being shitty – it’s dropped my files at preflight twice now, not helped by my ISP’s atrocious upload speed cap. Still hoping to get it done today.

F/0 Images

Well, I’ve been sufficiently busy over the last few months, that I haven’t really had the time even to get my own books. Pathetic. Just got F/0 delivered today, so figures I should put some pics up here. ‘Scuse the bad quality of some, I’m not exactly the world’s best photographer (nor do I have the world’s steadiest hand). I’ve put them all into an album on Imgur, click the image to see ’em all.

Click me!

Click me!

Work begins!

This post brought to you by further exams, increased work hours, procrastination, holidays, alcohol, procrastination, indecision, mistakes, and did I mention procrastination?

Oookay, time to get this operation back on the tracks. Sorry for the hiatus there, Lots of shit was going down this end.

Before I get stuck into it, quick note,  I’ve just gone and re-uploaded Fate/Zero volume 4 after noticing a tiny mistake: the contents page listed it as being ‘Volume 3‘, rather than ‘Volume 4‘. Nothing major, but an apology to those who have editions with this issue.

With that out of the way, The fun stuff. Most of this I’ve mentioned in the comments spread around this site, but i’ll conglomerate it here.

  • Next book up is Sword Art Online Volume 1 (Aincrad)
    I’ve heard that the translation is somewhat lacking at points, so I plan to do some slight tweaks as I go, if I think i can manage to do so without totally ruining everything. Which is more than likely.
    Planning to get this released before New Year, hopefully before Christmas, too.
  • After that, i’ll likely get to work on Nekomonogatari (White), as translated by canonrap/Quality Mistranslations
  • Hyouka and Kokoro connect are both on the want-to-do list, once I’ve got Neko out i’ll make up my mind. (Because putting things off is fun)

Also, if anyone feels they are up to it (I don’t blame you if you aren’t, at all), I’m looking for an editor, more or less, who would be able to do a sweep over the PDFs before i start uploading them everywhere. Don’t trust myself any more, what with the few mistakes that’ve been getting through. If you would like to, drop me a line at the email address on the about page!

And finally, to prove that this isn’t all empty promises, have a screenshot. Wew.

SAO Prologue teaser

(Lack of) Update

Well… I’d hoped to get a book out before my exams, but it doesn’t look like I’m going to have time to start, let alone complete a book by then. Exams start in a few weeks, and go for a few weeks after that (Sorry if i’m a bit vague, don’t have timetables next to me). After that i’ve got as much free time as I want, more or less, so it’ll be straight into Sword Art Online.

Because SAO is in a much raw-er state that F/0 was, it will likely take a fair bit longer to do, as i’ll be going through and giving it a proper typesetting as I go. Hopefully.

So, hang in there, it’ll happen (eventually).

Fate/Zero complete!

Of all the places to do it, I forgot to mention it on the blog? Blegh.

Fate/Zero is now complete, all four volumes. As per usual, links are up on the project page.

I’ve also heard that Another is being translated and released by Yen Press (Brilliant news), so i’m dropping any intention of doing it myself. I hope for a speedy (but quality) release!

F/0v4 Status, and some future plans.

I’m still planning to get Fate/Zero volume 4 done before next week, but it’s a wee bit longer than i’d been expecting, so there is a chance I will need to delay it for a week (exams and so on). That said, hoping I can get it done before then.

As for future plans…

First off, after finishing the Fate/Zero series, i’ll be taking a break for a few weeks, as there are other things I would like to pursue (such as some vectors I need to finish).
After that, i’ll get to work on some new books. Currently (this may change, however unlikely), I will be working on Sword Art Online and Kokoro Connect, switching between the two to keep things interesting. If Another is translated at any point, i’ll likely put other things on hold to get that done.

After those, i’m thinking of setting out Campione! and Hyouka, however that’s a fair way off, so nothing is set in stone. There’s also a few series on the suggestions page that I might pick up, so I’ll see how it goes.

It’s great to see people are enjoying reading these books, thanks for your support guys!

Edit: Oops, I forgot to mention. Quality ★ Mistranslations has almost finished the translation of Nekomonogatari White, so that’ll be in much the same position as Another (drop everything and get it out).

Fate/Zero volume 3

Going to keep it short.

Fate/Zero volume 3 is complete, and uploading to Blurb and Google Docs (or whatever it is they call it now). I’ll be linking it up on the project page shortly.

Volume 1 also is fixed, and uploading. I’ll relink it on the project page once it’s done, as well.

Volume 4 will hopefully be out within the week, as i’ve got ominous exams incoming. Once i’ve got all that under control, i’ll be chucking out a post with future plans, etc. See how it goes~

Edit: All done. You can find the links on the Fate/Zero project page. (Unedited->Fate/Zero)