F/0v4 Status, and some future plans.

I’m still planning to get Fate/Zero volume 4 done before next week, but it’s a wee bit longer than i’d been expecting, so there is a chance I will need to delay it for a week (exams and so on). That said, hoping I can get it done before then.

As for future plans…

First off, after finishing the Fate/Zero series, i’ll be taking a break for a few weeks, as there are other things I would like to pursue (such as some vectors I need to finish).
After that, i’ll get to work on some new books. Currently (this may change, however unlikely), I will be working on Sword Art Online and Kokoro Connect, switching between the two to keep things interesting. If Another is translated at any point, i’ll likely put other things on hold to get that done.

After those, i’m thinking of setting out Campione! and Hyouka, however that’s a fair way off, so nothing is set in stone. There’s also a few series on the suggestions page that I might pick up, so I’ll see how it goes.

It’s great to see people are enjoying reading these books, thanks for your support guys!

Edit: Oops, I forgot to mention. Quality ★ Mistranslations has almost finished the translation of Nekomonogatari White, so that’ll be in much the same position as Another (drop everything and get it out).


12 thoughts on “F/0v4 Status, and some future plans.

  1. xxdgfxx says:

    Yay for the vectors!

  2. steve says:

    cool. i hope you finish soon

    i thought Hyouka had higher priority? i didnt even know Kokoro Connect was being translated.

    also, have you ever though about releasing these in a ebook format like epub or mobi? it would be great to be able to read these on an ereader. i’m asking mainly because i recall you mentioning that you do this in indesign and i heard it was simple to also export it as a ebook. i hope you consider it. either way, thanks for the hard work.

    • readfag says:

      It did originally, but i changed my mind. That said, I think it’s being translated, but memory is a little fuzzy. B-T’s site seems down, so i can’t check.
      In the case KC isn’t being done right now, i’ll do Hyouka instead.

      E-PUB formats aren’t currently a very high priority, especially considering the extra work involved. Although i can easily export to one, the fixed-page layout of a book differs greatly to the flowing sizes of e-pub systems.
      I’ll have a look into it, though.

      • steve says:

        ya, i had to do a search for Kokoro Connect to find it, it wasn’t an active project. chapter 3 was the last chapter translated and that was at the beginning of the month, so its not really active right now; listed as “PENDING Authorisation”.

        i hope you do the epubs. as far as i recall, it involved making sure the fixed text (page numbers, the titles on each page, etc) is all labeled correctly so that it doesnt also export to the epub. i havent really worked with epubs in indesign to know for sure though so that could all be bs. either way thanks

  3. Anon says:

    For your SAO release, do you plan on including the infamous chapter 16.5?

    • readfag says:

      I don’t see any reason not to… >.>

      • steve says:

        you probably shouldn’t include it. i wasn’t part of the original novel. it was removed from the wiki on baka tsuki because it was r-18 and because the chapter wasn’t really intended for publication by the author, among other reasons.

        i personally like the chapter but it does detracts from the overall story because of how pulls focus from the action. you might want to release two versions to please everyone if you wanted too

        for Nekomonogatari white, are you going to wait for canonrap to finish his edit and notes page? or is that still top priority?

        • readfag says:

          Mmn, i suppose. I’ll have a think about it, once i’ve read over the area in question.

          And as for Nekomonogatari (White), i’ll be waiting for canonrap to do the edit/notes. In the end, I’m going for quality over speed.

    • Anon1 says:

      Even if its non-canon its still a story made by the author,, i adimit that outting it between chapter 16-17 wouldnt be good, but could be included in the back as an extra :),
      Waiting impatiently for the realese of SAO i will order right away :P,

      Thanks a lot readfag.

      • readfag says:

        Yeah, if I do add it in, it will be as an extra, not part of the main story line.

        I’ve still got a lot of other things I wish to finish off, but hopefully I’ll be able to get to work on this in the next month or two.

  4. Anonymous says:

    It would be great if you could consider to do Kara no Kyoukai. It’s fully translated and available in pdf at empty boundaries, too.

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