(Lack of) Update

Well… I’d hoped to get a book out before my exams, but it doesn’t look like I’m going to have time to start, let alone complete a book by then. Exams start in a few weeks, and go for a few weeks after that (Sorry if i’m a bit vague, don’t have timetables next to me). After that i’ve got as much free time as I want, more or less, so it’ll be straight into Sword Art Online.

Because SAO is in a much raw-er state that F/0 was, it will likely take a fair bit longer to do, as i’ll be going through and giving it a proper typesetting as I go. Hopefully.

So, hang in there, it’ll happen (eventually).


6 thoughts on “(Lack of) Update

  1. ciberquincy says:

    Great to hear you will work on SAO, good luck in your exams,, and keep the good work, SAO fans will wait impatiently :)

  2. darkness447 says:

    Exams come first! SAO fans come second. :)

  3. DMK says:

    ETA for SAO? No hurry really. Take your time.

    • readfag says:

      Sorry for the lack of noise. I’ve been a bit busy with other things, in-dispersed with plenty of procrastination, however I have begun setting up my workflow again, and hope to get started this weekend. Definitely aiming to get at least one release out before christmas, if not more.

      Sorry for the wait!

      • DMK says:

        Thank you for your work. Real life comes first. Are you editing the translation as well? The baka tsuki one leaves a lot to be desired.

        • readfag says:

          Damnit, browser lost the comment I just left. Stupid hotel internet…

          In short, i’m planning to do a slight edit as I go to correct the errors etc that really break the flow. Will have to see how it goes, I’ll put a post up with a sample once i’ve got the first chapter or so complete.

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