Sword Art Online Volume 1: Aincrad

This post brought to you by atrocious ISP upload speed caps. Don’t get me started.


Everyone step back, I used colour. This shit is dangerous yo.

With that, SAOv1 is complete, and up on blurb (about time, too). As per the norm, all the links for blurb and the PDFs are available on the projects page (which you can actually find now, renamed the menu slightly). Also, if anyone is interested to have a go at the InDesign source files, etc, do say so. They are messy as fuck, but somebody may find them of use. Possibly.

Moving on from here: I’ve received transmission from CanonRap that the edit of Nekomonogatari is at the halfway point. From what i’ve seen, it looks like it’s a relatively large book, so I’ll be setting out what’s done so far (which means digging out the old *monogatari templates, which are a pain at the best of times.. should probably redo them…) over the next few days (hopefully). If it looks like it’ll be too long to fit into a single blurb book, i’ll get to making covers, etc. If it would seem I’ll be able to squeeze it all in to a single book (which i would kinda prefer, but see how it goes), i’ll shelve the project up for when the book is finished, and get started on something else. I do have what i’ll be working on next written down around here somewhere, but I’ve totally forgotten what it was.

Oh yeah, happy delayed generic festive season everyone!


3 thoughts on “Sword Art Online Volume 1: Aincrad

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    I got it, and it is awesome! Thanks!

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