Another, and an update

For starters, I believe I mentioned quite some time ago that I would be working on the Another books if ever they got translated, followed by me retracting this intention as Yen Press had picked them up.

Well, I have both good news and bad. Yen Press has recently announced the approximate release dates for it, however they are releasing it as a digital download. I cannot confirm or deny any of it (may send an email to them later), but I have heard rumors running around that they will commit to a printrun if sufficient people buy the digital download. So, although it is somewhat against the entire point of this project, I do urge you consider the digital copies in the hope they will produce a printrun. If/when they get back to me, i’ll be updating with any info I get.

In other news, again, I must apologise, I’ve been busy procrastinating, working, and various other things, and am yet to get stuck into Nekomonogatari. That said, it’s made it’s way to the top of my lengthy to-do list, So i’m hoping I can get as much possible done this weekend. May take a bit longer, as as previously mentioned, I’ll likely end up redoing all the templates (old ones make me want to cry).

Thanks for your patience everyone!


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