I’m sure this has been bleedingly evident for a while now, but I promised myself I’d make an official post about if it came to be April and I hadn’t got Nekomonogatari out.

Long story short, I don’t have enough time any more. Back when this whole thing started out, I had a minor workload from school, and that was it. Nowadays, I’ve got plenty of assignments from university to keep me busy, and what little time left is taken up buy a job.

By no means am I dropping off completely – I enjoy doing this, and I think (probably foolishly) that it provides a useful service. But for now, it’s safe to say that there won’t be any releases for a while.

I have a mid-semester break coming up. Not going to say if anything will happen, but it’s plausible I will have time then to work on Nekomono and various other projects.



12 thoughts on “Hiatus.

  1. Richard says:

    Don’t rush your stuff. The internet won’t go anywhere and people will always appreciate a new release, regardless of how late or early you release one.

    Good luck in your exams.

  2. DMK says:

    It’s okay man. RL takes precedence. Just do your best.

  3. NB says:

    I beg of you, with all of my heart… Please don’t stop making these. I almost teared up when I saw there were some hard-cover translated books of my favourite anime and books ever… Please don’t stop. You can translate a word a day for all I care, just don’t ever stop… Like Richard said, the internet is not going anywhere.

    • readfag says:

      Nice to hear there’s still support. I’m hoping I’ll be able to finish off the series I started, but not sure about anything past that. In either case, Between University, Work, and other hobbies, my time is severely limited.

      Good luck out there~

      NB: I’m not doing the translating itself, just setting them out for printing.

  4. Tobbetin says:

    Yo readfag! It’s been three whole months since you announced your hiatus and tomorrow’s the air day of the new Monogatari season, so I decided to ask you do you have any concrete schedule on Nekomonogatari? You’re doing awesome job and many, many people appreciate your efforts, and as for me, I was planning to order Fate/zero as soon as Nekomo got up, so do you have any concrete plans or is the project frozen until you find time for it?

    Of course, your studies and work are much more important to me than one silly light novel, so remember not to push yourself too hard! I wish all the best for your studies, and sincerely, thank you for doing these!

    • readfag says:

      Three months already? Huh. A few of the other things I need to do have dropped off as of late, but i’m still busy with one or two big projects (not to mention reading, heh) No schedule still (not like I ever followed the ones I set), but it’s on my list of things to do. Maybe the new season will give me sufficient motivation to move it up the to-do list a bit :)

  5. i300 says:

    Hey man, it’s been a while!! Any news? I’ve been wanting to order myself a copy of Kizu, but it would be awesome to see the translation updated. Hope all is well!

  6. readfag's #1 fan says:

    Please don’t be dead readfag.
    Please come back soon.

    • readfag says:

      I’m n-not dead, I swear!

      Nah, I am. Work’s killed what little spare time I had left.

      Great news though, is that Yen press has that new LN imprint and is doing some great work releasing content on it. I think there’s a few other publishers jumping on the bandwagon now, too.

      I’m eagerly awaiting delivery of VERTICAL’s printrun of Kizumono, and it looks like they’re gonna be following it with Bakemono…

      My job here is done.

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