Heya, I’m readfag. Occasionally I set out a light novel or two into a format they can be printed from.

This all started with the translations of the *monogatari series. As an unlicensed work, fan translations were available/being worked on, however only in digital form. Call me weird, but i HATE reading on a screen. Which made me think… ‘what’s stopping these from being printed?’. I started off setting out Baka-tsuki’s (rather bad, but better than nothing) translation of Kizumonogatari, which I printed and bound for myself. Liking the result, but wanting a more professional result, I am now making the books available through the Blurb book printing service.

Because of the way Blurb works, this means I can also share the possibility of getting these printed to everyone.

Some notes:

  • This is 100% not-for-profit. Any and all costs involved are those set by the printers, which I have no control over.
  • Links to the source PDFs are available in the project pages. There is a link to a folder of all the PDFs on the links page.
  • I highly suggest you take a look at the PDFs before ordering, just to make sure you are getting what you want.
  • If there are any errors you see, let me know as soon as possible, it’s relatively easy to fix.
  • If you know of a better translation than the one i’m using, also let me know. I want to keep these the best quality available.

If you would like to reach me in a more private fashion (i.e. not through a comment), send me an email at 


5 thoughts on “About

  1. Anonymous says:

    BITE ME!

  2. kaisarfatony says:

    can i kill you? *titlting my head*

  3. william says:

    if you are actually successful, this may cause fan-translators to stop translating (or publicly sharing it), and open you, their community and possible fan-subs up for copyright infringement. you can claim no-profit all you want, no court will see it that way. i’d highly recommend you take down this post, it is already being spread around the internet, its only a matter of time before something unfortunate happens.

  4. Eduardo says:

    Hey readfag. Just want to thank you for your work, I really appreciate it. I’m also fan of light novels and also hate reading things on the screen, specially the way they are released by most translating groups.

    Keep up with the good job!

  5. faghunter says:

    Good work mr fag.pliz .see if you can upload Legend of The Galactic Heroes.

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