Edit: This has been resolved. Again, a big thanks to Mahou for noticing it, and sorry for any troubles.



Big thanks to Mahou who pointed this out.

Volume 1 of Fate/Zero had an error in Act 1, Chapter 2, I’d missed removing page markers from the PDF source i was using. Massive sorry to anyone who has ordered a copy already.

If you have the chance, cancel your order NOW.

I will be uploading a revised version later tonight, at the same time as volume 3.

Sorry for any trouble this has caused~


Fate/Zero Covers complete!

Aww man. Sorry these took so long people. Aforementioned friend was bogged down with work, and I had exams. I’ve got more exams in a few weeks, so there won’t be a huge number of updates after this for a while either. Then again, I might require something to procrastinate study with, so they may be done sooner.

That all said, i’m happy to announce that the covers for Fate/Zero volumes 1-4 (all of them in other words) are complete. The 2nd two are not finalized, as they will need to be resized once the content is complete (the spine thickness varies on the number of pages). I’m uploading them now, and will edit this post, as well as the F/0 project page once they are all up. Oops, forgot to link them up here. The links to the new book order forms, as well as all the PDFs currently finished are now on the F/0 project page.

Once they are all up, I’ll be updating the F/0v1 on blurb, as well as uploading v2 (about time), and doing the standard rounds of getting the word out.

You may notice i’ve gone very minimalist with the new covers. I realise it’s not everyone’s cup of tea, but it was the best I could manage with my limited art skills. I did a quick test of all of them, wrapping a shoddy print out around my copy of Mayoi Snail, and it looked good to me.

F/0v2 Content complete!

Told you I’d get there eventually.

This release brought to you by exams, assesments, new jobs, procrastination, and and endless list of small distractions. Also, i swear i must have spent half the time setting this out reading it. Really good book, I must say. Kudos to kureshii for his brilliant edit.

It’s not up on blurb yet, as I have yet to make a cover for it. To be honest, my art skills are somewhat lacking, so I’m hoping to pull in a favor from a friend in this regard, i’ll see how it goes.

Anywho, you’ll find the link to the PDF on the F/0 Project page. Have a look through it if you will, if you notice any errors, please let me know through the comments or  , it’s much easier to fix them now rather than later.

Hopefully I can get the next contents PDF done by sometime next weekend, but after what happened with this volume, I’m not going to make any promises.


EDIT: Oh, almost forgot. This volume only has one Inset picture (not including the Act Pics), which is unfortunately in colour. I’ve left it coloured in the PDF, but in print, it will be Black & White. Nothing i can do about this sorry.

Further delays ;_;

Don’t get me wrong.

This will be done. And I mean it. Current progress on F/0v2 is about 25%. I’ve got a fair few commitments in the horrible place called real life, but I’ve been doing this in what little spare time I had left.

Then I caved in and bought Diablo 3.

As such, I’m going to have to chuck a temporary stasis on F/0v2 for a few weeks. As previously stated, this will be finished! I’ve just finished reading volume 1, and I really want to get back to working on volume 2, but…

As the saying goes, good things come to those who wait.

In the meantime, If you have any suggestions for improvements, covers, etc etc etc, let me know via a comment! I’m doing this for you lot as well, so your opinions are greatly appreciated.

To start off, which command seal do you people think would be most appropriate for volume 2? (The grey copies are for the interior black&white pages)

Fate/Zero delayed

Due to several issues which i’m not going to go into, i’ve had to reformat my harddrive.

I’d originally planned to get Fate/Zero vol2 done this weekend, however with the reformat comes a lack of InDesign, and with CS6 coming out on Monday, i really don’t feel like spamming my system up with CS5.

As such, Fate/Zero is going to be delayed to somewhere between Monday and next Sunday. Or something.


Finally got around to getting my hands on a copy of InDesign CS6, it’s installing now. Bit busy with Real Life at the moment, but i’m planning to set up all the templates for the volume tomorrow, and then get a few chapters done per day. It should be done sometime next week. Or something.

Fate/Zero Volume 1 Complete!

Volume 1 of Fate/Zero is now complete and ready for printing. Body text is kureshii’s edit of B-T’s translation. it reads very well, I must say.
More info here!

In other news, I will no longer underestimate reddit. Releases are going to be posted over there, as well. Pic below is the hit counter for this site, on a daily basis. I’m sure you see what i’m getting at.

*Monogatari, Printed

*Moonogatari, Printed

Derpdor has been kind enough to take some pictures of the books he ordered, click the picture to see all of them!

Toaru Majutsu no Index – Prologue


Here’s the prologue to the first volume of Toaru Majutsu no Index, edited to make the translation just that little bit nicer. Big thanks to prooffag for his help.

Have at it!

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