Note: The contents of these books is the original Baka-tsuki translation.

Hitagi Crab

Translated by Baptiste Tell and the Baka-tsuki team.

Content PDF

Cover PDF

Mayoi Snail

Translated by the Baka-tsuki team.

Content PDF

Cover PDF

More will be released as translations are completed

17 thoughts on “Bakemonogatari


  2. Adam says:

    A little question. Is this volumes one and two? As those are the titles of the first and second chapters, or am I just confused?

    • readfag says:

      At the time I did these, these were the only two sections of bakemono that had been translated (The light novel is split into several smaller sections, one for each heroine). So to say, these are the first two arcs of volume 1. When I get a chance, I’ll be revisiting these two, adding in any missing arcs, and likely compiling an all-in-one volume.

      Sorry for the confusion!

    • readfag says:

      I just checked, and it would seem that unfortunately translation has not progressed at all on the bakemono books since when I set these books out. Hopefully they finish up translations soon.

      • Adam says:

        Thank you for clearing that up. I would have thought the bakemono series would have got a lot of attention considering the popularity of the anime. It’s a shame more haven’t been translated, but I still intend to get these.

        Thanks again, I wasn’t expecting a reply so quick.

  3. NB says:

    Best of luck to you… There are many people that appreciate your hard work, but only the minority let you know. Just remember that there’s more people that appreciate your hard work than you’d think… Best wishes from Canada, and I hope you live a very healthy life.

  4. Jim Rustler says:

    this is soo good, thanks :D i wanted to read Kizumonogatari because the anime (movie) is taking a long time (maybe the team find hachikuji mayoi and now they’re lost)

  5. so… Umm… since they released all (I think) of the bakemonogatari translation, will you update this anytime soon? Anyhow, thanks for the first two arcs!

  6. Pranoy Dutta says:

    When will this be updated for the next arc?? Thank you for making the first 2 pdfs

  7. […] Source: Bakemonogatari […]

  8. L Lloyd says:

    Can’t wait for the next one … I’m a big fan .. Thanks for this. Reading has a different feeling.

  9. can you revisit the light novel again ?
    they have updated the volume one.

  10. HD says:

    Are you doing Suruga Monkey anytime soon??

  11. StarAlone says:

    where do you get raw versions? I’d like to check that series in japanese, but can’t find it anywhere

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