Volume 1

Translated by the Baka-tsuki team.

Edit by kureshii.

Content PDF

Cover PDF

Volume 2

Translated by the Baka-tsuki team.

Edit by kureshii.

Content PDF

Cover PDF

Volume 3

Translated by the Baka-tsuki team.

Edit by kureshii.

Content PDF

Cover PDF

Volume 4

Translated by the Baka-tsuki team.

Edit by kureshii.

Content PDF

Cover PDF


41 thoughts on “Fate/Zero

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  4. Shu says:

    I plan on ordering these along with Kizu in a bulk, do you have a set date on when Volume 3 and 4 will be ready?

    • readfag says:

      An understandable decision given the ridiculous shipping prices.

      I cant give any promises on release dates what with my current workload, however I’m planning to get the last two done in the next two weeks, If I take much longer, Blurb will delete the books -_-.

      So yeah, no promises, but soon(tm)

  5. Mahou says:

    First time I’ve seen a site like this. Keep up your good work! There’s something I have to ask though. Why are there the words “Act x xx” after certain lines? eg: pg 46 “Irisviel, what is the vessel’s status?”Act 1 54

    • readfag says:

      I’ll fix that right away. That’s the page markers from the PDF edit i’m working off. If you spot any, please let me know ASAP, and i can get rid of them.

      • Mahou says:

        No worries man, take your time. Just a question concerning legality. Is printing a book like this translated from a foreign language illegal? o.o

        • readfag says:

          To be honest, it’s hard to tell. Personally, i view it as being on the lighter side of the grey area (maybe a little darker due to the images)

          The books themselves have not been licensed outside Japan, and i’ll be taking them down if/when they do, so i guess you could liken it to the current state of the anime fansubbing scene.

          • Mahou says:

            Mm..If you were to buy this book, would you prefer a hardcover version or a softcover version? Hardcover books look nice but its much more expensive on blurb compared to the softcover version.

            Thanks for your feedback by the way

            • readfag says:

              Currently I only make Softcovers available over blurb, but i suppose i could expand that.

              I personally prefer softcovers anyway, possibly because i’m accustom to them. I think it really comes down to personal preference. I would _think_ that most would go for the softcover, as it’s the cheaper option.

              • Mahou says:

                How long do you take to make a volume of F/Z into a book format?

                And by the way, is the line at the bottom of pg 29 in volume 2 (just above the explanation for Master’s perspective) meant to be there? I’m just being curious.

                I plan to order a copy soon xD

                • readfag says:

                  Time taken per book varies a lot. Things like lots of technical jargon (such as Kiritsugu and his guns) and lots of images slow down the process. Volume 4 (which i’m doing a final check over of now) took about 4 hours Edit: That’s just the copying across/setting fonts. If you include the time it takes to go over and check everything is up to scratch can double the figure, and even then there are mistakes..

                  And yes, that line is intentional, You’ll find one above each footnote.

  6. Mahou says:

    Heard of Sword Art Online? :D

  7. Mahou says:

    LOL. I didn’t read that :P Have you ever ordered from blurb? I might order from them since they’re having some sort of promotion (20% off). The books you listed are printed on uncoated cream paper though. Any comments on the quality?

    • readfag says:

      Indded I have. Quality is reasonable. “Cream uncoated” is the same sort of stuff you get in books from a local bookstore.

      • Mahou says:

        Normal paper eh. Is that blurb’s “standard paper”? Do your book have Blurb’s logo removed? Owh, by the way, after reading through some fairly short books around the length of a F/Z volume, I have come to prefer softcovers :3

        • readfag says:

          Yeah, it’s the standard black & white paper. Anything else starts bumping up the price significantly. And no, the books will have the blurb logo on the back page. Technically i could remove that, but it would add a surcharge to all the books. And… All the books are softcovers, you do realise….

  8. Mahou says:

    Yeah I do..I’m just saying that for reading books in general, I prefer softcover now, unless its for archiving purposes. Thanks for your fast reply by the way.

  9. Jupi1ter says:

    Is there anyway you can reset the currency for vol. 3 of Fate/Zero to USD? I’ve ordered vol. 1 and 2 but can’t order vol. 3 because of the currency/region difference set for it on Blurb.

  10. fagoatse says:

    im going to print it myself, what format is it?

  11. fagoatse says:

    oh and are pictures in colour supposed be in b/w?

  12. fagoatse says:

    I see, but by format I meant their physical size.

  13. fagoatse says:

    that seems to be quite small, were you forced to choose this size by blurb or did you do it deliberately? I’d rather avoid changing any settings as to not break formatting, etc but what’s F/Z’s original size?

    • readfag says:

      It’s one of the size options blurb offers, the smallest to be precise. It may seem small, But if you were to measure most printed novels, you would find they would rarely be much larger.

      I’m not altogether sure how large F/0’s original books are, but judging by the scans i’ve seen of it and other LNs, i would imagine it would be approximately the same size, although possibly slightly wider.

      • Clerish says:

        The original books are 5×7.40 inches, in the Shiroku ban Japanese format.
        I’ve found the measures in an ebay auction.

  14. Rock says:

    Is there a reason why I’m not able to put Volume 1 with Volumes 2-4 in my shopping cart?

  15. Ryouta says:

    Hey thanks for all your hard work! I can’t seem to find the blurb links on this page. Is there any chance you can re-upload them please?

    • readfag says:

      I was asked to take down the links by multiple parties recently, unfortunately. It’s piss easy to set up your own account though, and just get them printed privately – i’d suggest you try that. Sorry for the trouble.

  16. thelonewolfegc says:

    Thanks, buddy!

  17. request says:

    Would it be possible to create an edit with all the chapters in one pdf?

  18. CALEX says:

    This is amazing. Although, I did modify the cover files to add the official art included in the novels to pretty them up. Let;s see how that goes.

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