Sword Art Online


Volume 1

Translated by Sharramon, Baka-tsuki.

Content PDF

Cover PDF


12 thoughts on “Sword Art Online

  1. jim says:

    Awesome. Just awesome.

  2. Prime says:

    Very nice. Do you plan to print all available volumes translated by Baka-Tsuki? And for the others (Monogatari/Index) too? I would love to purchase these books but I’m concerned about not having the full/complete set. I would like to know if your intentions are to complete the series as long as Baka-Tsuki or other translation groups you may follow provides translations. Keep in mind that I don’t necessarily care what pace you might complete these books but if indeed that you will finish what you started, then I will follow you to the end. I already decided to purchase Fate/Zero and plan on purchasing the monogatari series when finished, but please don’t break my heart and stop printing SAO midway. That would be too cruel.

    By the way, What is your status on Index? Is it an upcoming/future series that you’re planning on printing?

    And lastly, I’ve read on a past post that blurb puts a watermark or some sort of logo on these books? Is there a way to purchase one without a logo?

    Thanks and I dearly hope you continue what you do.

    • readfag says:

      Yeah, the full SAO set is planned for printing, though I’m niy going to make any promises on the time scale you’d be looking at for that. Same goes for monogatari, and any other series I pick up. Hopefully.

      Index is currently shelved, though I may take a shot at getting a bit more done some time soon. It’s definitely a long term project.

      And yes, all books I get printed through blurb will have a small blurb logo added on a blank pake at the back, it’s really unobtrusive. Though it’s technically possible for me to make a version available that does nothing have that in it, I believe it would involve creating an entirely separate copy of the book, which I would like to avoid if possible.

      Please do excuse any pathetic spelling, i’m currently on a vacation of sorts, and SwiftKey is only so good.

      • Prime says:

        Me as well as many others here don’t mind the time frame in which these books are released, just the fact that it does indeed get completed. So this website will become one of those websites I check regularly. :)

        I really do hope you pick Index once again as the translations are pretty much up to date and active. By the way, what is your stance on the side stories of SAO? I know it is quite early for me to ask about it but I’m curious on the format in which they will be released (if they ever will be). And the cover art? Do you have a plan to keep a consistent theme going with the SAO covers? I haven’t gone that deep into the novels but do you have an idea of what weapon(?) or other image will replace Kirito’s sword in ALO, GGO, etc?

        It’s pretty much a tendency of mine to possess things in the cleanest, complete, minimalistic form and your books fit those criteria almost perfectly. However if it means you releasing a different version that would cause annoyance/trouble for you to release then I’m sure I can overlook that logo.

        Cheers on the fast response. Being able to respond within 24 hours while on vacation is impressive.

        • Prime says:

          Scratch that, you responded within 1 hour of me posting my original post. I’m impressed.

        • readfag says:

          SAO Sidestories are likely the next SAO book i’ll do, if things go to plan. In terms of cover, I’ll be working it out as I go along, though I’m thinking I’ll use a silhouette of wings for ALO. And thanks, it’s good to see some interest in Index again.

  3. Pe4CeFu1 says:

    Is there a link to buy this?!?!

    • readfag says:

      In response to requests from some people, I have (temporarily?) removed links to the purchase pages. Excessive punctuation will not remedy this. PDFs are available, which you may do with what you will.

  4. Jellorific says:

    Why did you remove the links? C&Ds?

  5. Nick says:

    Why did you remove the link?

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